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Similarly to the words, forms have no meaning, they just convey meanings. Forms are the tokens for recalling an always deformed memory, they act like representations where meanings rather emerge from the sets of relations between the elements within the systems that constitute the forms or between the elements or the form and its context than from the elements or the forms themselves and they always leave space for multiple interpretations by the subjects that interact with them.

This is what probably Derrida means when he says that “Meaning is not a presence but a generalized economy of absences”. Perception is the result of a both projective and retrospective process, we project everything we know, think, have seen, heard or read to the reality and we receive back as a result of a reflection a subjectively seen image, not by perceiving straightforward what something is but rather what this something is not. This process is not exclusively or necessarily visual and is not momentary. In that sense perception and therefore perceived meanings have origins therefore are never detached from the processes of social construction.  Read More