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The blog is new. New things are not produced as parthenogenesis but rather as results of evolutionary processes full of combinations and various manipulations (such as mutation, hybridization, assemblage, metonymy, copy, subtractions, inversion, scaffolding, positioning, superimposition, transposition, translation, representation, reproduction, reformation, deformation, deconstruction, destruction etc.) of older ones. In any kind of such re-, de-, trans- processes (transposition, transfer, transmission, translation) that create products with the use of other tings there is a bias or better there are sets of transitions that alter (deform or reform) the properties of the initial thing, therefore the product is always different. This often tends to be regarded as a reduction of the prototype (as it has happened often in history) raising issues of originality and firing discussions about the preservation of the initial intentions and qualities putting in the core the idea of authorship. I prefer to regard the fact, not as a reduction, but as the precondition for evolution, as a necessity which is uncharged from positive or negative meaning. This blog will grow in a similar way, by evolving…